Why murals?

You might be building a new home or planning to redecorate your restaurant, and the time has come to think about interior design. Getting a mural painted is a big decision to make, but one with so many rewards. Here are 4 reasons why murals are the perfect way to decorate your space.

1. They’re bold!

Artwork by Woskerski Portrait of Sridevi Kapoor for Keti Roll Company London. Artwork by Woskerski.

You can get an entire feature wall painted or maybe just something to fill a specific space. Either way murals just look bold! They’re eye catching and will always draw a compliment from visitors.

Painting onto the walls shows a dedication to your design choices and a true love of the artwork. But that doesn’t mean to say it has to stay there forever. Just like you can repaint a room 5 years down the line, murals can always be painted over and redone when it’s time to redecorate again.

2. Work with any space

Artwork by Jay Kaes Pool room private commission. Artwork by Jay Kaes.

No idea what to do with that oddly shaped bit of wall at home, or can’t find anything big enough to fill your office wall? Murals are designed and painted to fit every space perfectly. Street art you see around the city gives an example of that! Turning a traffic light power box or the entire side of a building into a unique artwork shows that creativity can be found in any size imaginable.

3. Design to suit your needs

Artwork by ELNO Shop front of Sugar Style in Brixton, London. Artwork by ELNO.

Have something specific in mind and just can’t find it anywhere? That’s where getting a commission from a professional artist comes in. Share your ideas and inspiration with the artist, find ideas in their gallery of work or provide reference images. (Pinterest is always a great place to start!) A professional mural artist will be able to tailor their design to suit your taste.

4. Support independent artists

Artwork by Martin TraversMural in Kathmandu's Ancient City. Artwork by Martin Travers.

We’ve all heard shop local and support local farmers before, but it’s time to support local artists too! The money goes straight to the artist, rather than to massive companies like IKEA selling mass-produced canvases. Knowing exactly who painted your mural makes it feel that much more special.

Finding and hiring a talented artist has never been easier with iArtist. Browse the gallery online now and message artist about your project to get quotes quickly and easily. Head to Bookanartist.co to find out more.

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