Voltaire Road Mural Commission

We had the pleasure of working with This is Clapham earlier in the Autumn to organise a mural on Voltaire Road in Clapham North. The mural would cover up some graffiti and brighten up Voltaire Road for all the local Clapham residents that walk past it on their way to Clapham overground station and the local office park every day.

The artwork also went up in time to celebrate Recycle Week which highlights the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. Local artist Aspire was more than up for the challenge and produced this stunning sea turtle design with corals and a plastic watbottle and plastic drinks holder floating past.

Read on to see some before and after photos of how this mural came to life! We've also made a short video of the mural going up which you can watch on our Instagram here.


Base Coat:

Using a black masonry paint to cover the graffiti, provide a clean surface to paint on and stop the wall absorbing the paint.

In progress:

The sea turtle went up first...

Coral was added underneath and a plastic waterbottle on the left...

The finished piece:
The mural was completed with Aspire's name and his signature pixlated finishing touch. The response on social media has been great, we're glad so many locals enjoy having this sea turtle living nearby. Thanks again to This is Clapham for approaching us and Aspire for this stunning mural. Keep your eyes peeled on the Clapham area for future projects and don't forget to tag us @iartistglobal if you take a photo for social media.

If you're looking at getting a mural painted in your home, office, garden or local area you can email us at contact@iartist.co.uk or browse the gallery on our website at iartist.co.uk


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