Celebrating Indigenous Australian Olympian Patty Mills with Mural Art

Book An Artist has been fortunate enough to collaborate with Australian sporting brand Rebel Sport since March 2020. Since then, Rebel Sport has painted six jaw-dropping art commissions across their stores, with several more in the works. These...

London Street Art and Graffiti Through the Decades: 1960 - 2021

Art, as a whole, has a rich global history that cannot be confined to the contents of one webpage. If a writer were to attempt to jot down every artistic inclination in history, the task would be never ending. There are far too many styles,...

The Power of Street Art In Communities

Walking through cities you don’t have to look far to find art. It’s in the architecture of our buildings and on the walls of curated art galleries, but it’s with street art that we see some of the most powerful works. It’s hard to define because it...

Mural Art in present times: A Sydney Artist's Perspective

Covid-19 has changed affected the lives of everyone and like many others, for artists it has brought an uncertain future. The arts sector is one of the hardest hit industries by coronavirus. Many have been left in a feeling of limbo and in all this...

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10 Graffiti Artists You Should Know

Book An Artist x Otto Interview

Beginner's Guide to Street & Mural Art: The Origins of Mural Painting and Street Art

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