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How To Be An Independent Artist: 8 Tips To Avoid Time Wasters

Ding! You've got a new notification. It's Mr & Mrs Client, and they want you to paint a spectacular new piece for their dearest daughters bedroom. You've always wanted to paint a bedroom, so this is a dream come true. But wait, hold up  – stop! The...

Art for Arts Sake: Exploring the Mental Health Benefits of Art

Are you okay? Mental health has been a prevalent issue for far longer than COVID-19 has run rampant. Art therapy for mental health suffers is proven to provide comfort in difficult times. The importance of taking care of oneself has doubled under...

The Power of Street Art In Communities

Walking through cities you don’t have to look far to find art. It’s in the architecture of our buildings and on the walls of curated art galleries, but it’s with street art that we see some of the most powerful works. It’s hard to define because it...

A mural artist's view of the lockdown

During these crazy times, we wanted to learn more about what our artists are doing to get through the isolation period. 

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