Prince of Wales Brixton x BAA x Aspireartwork - Mural Artwork

Last year @aspireartwork, one of our best artist was contacted via our graffiti artist marketplace website by to create some amazing artwork for @powbrixton and @becksbeer

He did an exceptional job working alongside with multiple parties, creating amazing graffiti designs and painting some of the best murals we have seen. Unluckily our photos aren't best of the quality, it was a sunny day :(.

Wild life mural for Bar
Wildlife Mural

Wild life mural for Bar
Landscape view of the complete mural

Wild life mural for Bar
Sponsored by Becks Beer

Aspire is a UK based artist who specializes in painting the natural world. He takes his inspiration from the real and appropriates the digital world, combining the two in his distinctive pixelated paintings. Drawing from both traditional painting and graffiti Aspire continues to pursue both his street and gallery work frequently creating murals, canvases and everything else in between. BAA is a website where you can hire graffiti artists, mural artists for your next project. We have handpicked the best and professional graffiti artists in and around your location. Simply send a message.

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