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Hello all and welcome to 2019! 
We're ringing in the new year with a name change! You might have noticed our name change on Instagram and Facebook, and our website is now officially redirecting to our new home at
Please change your bookmark to to save being redirected every time you visit the old url.
So why the new name?
As we work towards launching the Australian version of the site, we have now changed the website from a address to .co ending. We hope this new domain will see our site launched in many more countries across the world under the name Book an Artist.
For us using a .co website for both the UK and Australian sites made more sense than running two separates website with a and domains. With the one address all our marketing efforts are twice as effective and our SEO work isn’t diluted between two websites.
Anything else new?
Yes! We’ve got a new email address Don’t worry if you’ve sent anything to our old address beacuse we still check it. Here are link to other places we can be found...
Book an Artist Instagram:
If you’re in Australia you can call Gaurav Kawar on 0424 616 585


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