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1.    Tell us a bit about yourself and one thing that most people don’t know
about you?

 I’m Juz the artist behind Juzpop, my other half @minkyofficial is also the other half to Juzpop and together we quit our secure jobs to live our dreams and run Juzpop Creations as a creative service full time.

2.    What is your fondest personal memory in the world of painting? We love
a good story.

So many... but it was pretty badass when I painted a raunchy Miley Cyrus on a cafe in Prahran and Miley Cyrus liked and commented on it, then Ellen Von Unwerth Vogue photographer who took the photo I referenced,  reposted and DM’d me for more photos.

3.    Who inspires you to do what you do?

 Ellen Von Unwerth, Nadia Lee Cohen, David La Chapelle, Tyler The Creator, Mike Perry (Artist) and every single artist I’ve ever met.

4.    What is the favorite piece of art that you have created? Give us a

5.    Who would you rather be Banksy or Picasso and why?

 Banksy, for his freedom and balls to say what he believes

6.    What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Painting bigger and better walls around Melbourne and somewhere overseas… not sure where yet but I’m manifesting it ;)

 7.    Anything you would
like to add or you the want to audience to know about?

Passion doesn’t merely exist to be your hobby, give your gift to the world, would be rude not to!

To check out Juzpop profile simply click hereand send a message. BAA is a website where you can hire graffiti artists, mural artists for your next project. We have handpicked the best and professional graffiti artists in and around your location. Simply send a message.

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