Latest Commission - Boxing Gym Mural

Here's a few pictures of the latest iArtist commission painted by Woskerski at a Boxing Gym in Newham, London. The purpose of the mural is to inspire and motive the young people to come to this charity boxing gym.

The blank canvas ready to be painted!
The finished piece! 
The boxer faces towards the boxing ring.
The dark colours make the mural stand out again the bright ceiling and lighting of the gym, and the red tones on the boxers shirt and glove match the boxing equipment around the gym. An awesome artwork in the way it uses shadow and light to highlight the powder coming off the glove and punching bag. You can really see the tension as the boxer heads in for another punch. Great work by Woskerski.
If you're looking to get a mural painted in your home or business, head to now!
You can view the gallery of work by talented independent artists and message them directly about your commission. Any questions? Just email and we'll see what we can do.


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