Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Moving house, swapping rooms or just outgrown their old bedroom, there are many reasons for deciding to change up the style of your children's bedroom. Decorating a children's bedroom is chance to use a  a chance to use a space they spend time in every day and inspire their creativity and imagination.

If you're looking for unique design ideas then look to further than a hand painted mural. Professional artists can create a design perfect your your space and even incorporate things like your child's name into the artwork.

The following images are some of our favourite becroom murals. If you'd like to see more, all the artists shown below have more work available on the iArtist website.

Jungle Mural by J ivesart
Bumblebee Cartoon Mural by Alessandra Tortone
Frozen Mural by Alessandra Tortone
Space Mural by Gisella Stapleton
This mural was designed specially to feature the two children whose room it was as astronauts!
Jungle Safari Room by The Mural Company 
This mural was made to look like you're standing inside a safari tent with a range of animals peering in.
Lego themed mural by The Mural Company
If you're looking to get a mural painted in your home or business, head to now!
You can view the gallery of work by talented independent artists and message them directly about your idea.
Any questions? Just email and we'll be happy to help out


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