Mural Artwork for Sakonis by Woskerski

Last week we had a chance to connect Woskerski an exceptional graffiti artist and an Indian vegetarian restaurant chain Sakonis.

For their new restaurant, they wanted a feature wall with one of their best-selling dishes.

The starting point was real images of their best dishes. Check out the below mouth-watering dishes.

Gol Gappa Image for the feature wall

Chickpea curry

The restaurant chose the Gol Gappa over the chickpea curry. Woskerski was amazing on making a digital design on the wall image.

And then the real magic happened. Couple of days later we have an amazing restaurant mural hand painted by an amazing graffiti artist.

Spray painted graffiti feature wall for Sakonis
Spray painted graffiti feature wall for Sakonis

Here a video as well -
Video from the restaurant mural

Woskerski is a well known graffiti artists in UK. You can see more of his work here. BAA is a website where you can hire graffiti artists, mural artists for your next project. We have handpicked the best and professional graffiti artists in and around your location. Simply send a message.

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