Art for Kids: Fun Isolation Projects

There's only so many times you can watch Frozen 2! Baking, making and creating is a quick and easy boredom fix, especially for little ones. We don't know much about baking the perfect cupcakes, but we do know a thing or two about art for kids...


1. Getting creative doesn't actually require traditional paints and brushes. Dig to the back of your cupboard and see if you can find some spare macaroni noodles. Kick it old school and teach the kids how to make their own pasta-based jewellery. If you want to take things up a notch, add some glitter and glue to the mix. The risk? A sparkly child. The positives? Beautiful macaroni pieces in varying glittery shades. Although we highly suggest creating this specific craft outside (or at least not on carpet).



Edge Early Learning painted by @carley_cornelissen


2. Pet rocks get a bad wrap. Make a day of it! Mask-up and head out on an adventure to collect stones and pebbles from around the neighbourhood. Once the kids have selected their best rocks, head home and give them a thorough wash with hot water and soap. Using a little paint, create a collection of insects and animals. Pet rocks can also make a great aesthetically pleasing addition to gardens and vegetable patches. 


3. Consider a larger project that you can get the kids involved in! A mural painting is an excellent way to spruce up the home. Graffiti artists across the globe are always looking for inspiration. Find some space in the house and let the kids draw up some mock designs. Little minds are full of creative ideas that can get the ball rolling on your very own custom made mural. Send through scanned copies of your child's work and your artist can incorporate it into the final design.


4. COVID-19 has left us all missing loved ones. Send out some surprise cards decorated by your favourite tiny tots. Family and friends are sure to appreciate receiving a personalised letter in the mail. All you need is some plain paper, envelopes and A LOT of coloured pencils.


Art for kids is meant to be fun. Not everything you make needs to belong in museums in France or art galleries London! 

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