Top locations to discover street art in London

Blackboard Art Inspiration

Blackboard art is all around us in cafes, the local pub and yes, you can even have a blackboard wall at home too! A lick of blackboard paint plus some chalk in such a quick and easy way to bring design into your home. Here are some of our favourite...

Dragon Demolition Claw by Haser

Why Murals?

Why murals?

You might be building a new home or planning to redecorate your restaurant, and the time has come to think about interior design. Getting a mural painted is a big decision to make, but one with so many rewards. Here are 4 reasons why murals are the...

Hello and welcome to the bookanartist blog! is a new website featuring professional artists from around the world. It’s a place for them to feature their best work and where we help get them amazing commissions.

Hello and welcome to the Bookanartist blog!


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